My “SMART” Goal – December Update

An update on my goal to write a book.

After being stuck in a writer’s block at Chapter 14, I have decided to break The Hunter & the Horned Serpent into two parts, since so much has happened in the first half of the story.

13 Chapters for Part One, titled The Hunter & the Horned Serpent: The Rise, and 13 Chapters for Part Two, The Hunter & the Horned Serpent: The Age of Antlers. 

The first half of the story will be written and published as an eBook, followed by Part Two sometime in late 2017.

For Part One, I had been writing the story by hand, using up two notebooks so far. However, I’ve now begun typing it in Pages with the intent of sending it to iBooks later on. With typing it, I now have the opportunity to look at the earlier Chapters with fresh eyes. This has allowed me to make minor edits and revisions as I make the second sweep over Part One. Many silly mistakes and plot holes have been corrected.

I am very excited and am optimistic for the future of this story, and incredibly relieved that I have the opportunity to get back into writing now that my first semester at McGill has finished.


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