What I Learned Today Vol. 1

“Today I learned…”

Technically, it’s what I learned yesterday.

This is intended to be the first of an experimental series that explores, as the title explicitly says, what I’ve learned. These things could be in class or in daily life, and may either be explicit or implicit in nature. That Hidden Curriculum is a thing, apparently.

Today I learned more about the technical aspects of WordPress. My “Who Am I?” page actually leads to a page that tells people about me now; as opposed to leading to a blank page.

What brings this little update into relevance is that it’s all part of expanding my media literacy, which, incidentally, was discussed recently in class. I have mastered the pen and paper, and now my next great challenge is to master the art of blog posting and updating via the vast ocean known as the Internet. Expect more posts concerning Media Literacy in the future.