Teaching Beliefs

What do you believe about teaching & learning? 

Teaching should be: 

Fun. Engaging. Relatable. Thought provoking. Critical. Sharing of knowledge. The creation of knowledge. Inspiring. Necessary, in terms of having individuals dedicated to the sharing and creation of knowledge. The world needs those who are willing to help. Encourage questions and discussions.

Learning should be:

Life changing. Free, accessible to all. Inclusive. Broaden world views. Fun. Enlightening.

Are your beliefs in line with your actions? Are there points of tension? 

Suspend my standpoint, and be open to others. Present my standpoint, but also be open to others. Allow students to make their own decisions.

Growing up under the ways of Mohawk spirituality, my challenge will be to accept and treat with fairness those of different religions, or those without. My cultural upbringing emphasized mutual respect and cooperation. These things should be paramount in a classroom environment.

However, my desire to help others and to share stories fall in line with who I may become as a teacher.